CALLBACK+ token pre-sale
Pre-sale advantages

Replenish crypto-wallet in your personal account with any crypto-currency
and you will get the same amount in CBP currency at the internally generated rate!

For each deposited 1 ETH, we will give 0.5 ETH1of bonus
IN TOTAL you will have 1.5 ETH1

There will be 1 ETH + 50 CBP = 1.5 ETH3on your account.

1 If you buy tokens in the first 48 hours
2 In the tokens equivalent at the rate of 1 ETH = 100 CBP
3t is possible to exchange CBP and ETH and withdraw them from the deposit in 90 days

50% discount only in the first 48 hours of pre-sale!

Progressive bonus scale

48 hours
3-5 day
6-10 day
11-18 day
19-30 day

Starting point is on November 19, 2017, at 09:00 by London standard time.


CBP tokens are available for citizens of any country. Even USA and China residents (qualified investors) may participate.

Prior to sale of tokens, LLC «DISAMED LIMITED», #12291729K, reg #HE, 291729, Nicosia, Cyprus. bears all the responsibility for the pre-sale collected funds.

CallBack+ team will be publishing weekly expenditure reports.

what are the benefits of the token pre-sale?
100 CBP tokens provide access to the advanced service functions.
Number of accounts with advanced functions is limited.
CBP tokens are guaranteed by the services. Already now tokens can be used for the platform services, which allows our ICO stay legal on the territory of US.
Paying for the services with CBP tokens is more profitable than with fiat money.
We will add 50% of bonus to your account!
Regardless of the amount, we will deposit the equivalent in CBP tokens (Only during the pre-sale!).
For example: For each In total you will have 1.5ETH2. There will be 1 ETH + 50 CBP = 1.5ETH 3on your account.
All holders of CBP tokens, which were purchased during the Pre-Sale stage, will have lifelong free calls in case if they do not withdraw their funds from the account (after the ICO stage).
You can directly transfer tokens internally between the accounts (balance replenishment and funds transfer from one ID to another)

1 If you buy tokens in the first 48 hours
2 In the tokens equivalent at the rate of 1 ETH = 100 CBP
3t is possible to exchange CBP and ETH and withdraw them from the deposit in 90 days

token generating conditions
Start :December 03, 2017, at 9:00 am EST
Finish :January 03, 2017, till 16:00 UTC
Emission :2 000 000 CBP
Minimum investment (ETH transfer) :0.01 ETH
We accept : ETH, Fiat money with online exchange by CBP tokens
Output limitation for the period of :3 months (90 days counted from the moment of account crediting)
САР :500 000 USD
Differences of Callback and Callback+
Call management
Cross-platform function
Who called?
Number changing
Permanent number renting
Switching Centre
Crypto-currency wallet
Voice changing
Call scheduling
Decentralized call MANAGEMENT
— Decentralized call management system (DCMS)
— SMS gateway
Callback+ roadmap
  • Stage 1
    July, 2017
  • Stage 2
    August, 2017
  • Stage 3
    September, 2017
  • Stage 4
    November - December
  • Stage 5
    Q1 - 2018
  • Stage 6
    Q2 - 2018
July, 2017
Launched first beta version of the product
on the iOS platform.
  • Web version (for desktops and mobile devices)
  • Changing outgoing number
  • Changing incoming number
  • Background sound
  • Switching Centreis two subscribers connection service with the opportunity of changing the outgoing number (transmitted ID)
August, 2017
ID / (direct number) renting ID / direct numbers are available for rent in 50 countries of the world.
  • Random selection of cell sites at each connection, the communication line and cell site is selected randomly.
  • Random incoming IDdynamic selection of incoming ID. (all incoming numbers are changed randomly)
  • Random outgoing ID the outgoing call identifier is transmitted randomly from registration country of the main ID
September, 2017
  • Call encryptionbeta version has already provided encrypted traffic based on the SRTP encryption protocol. When connected, the trunks pass VPN with encryption key of 2048bit in order to prevent unauthorised access.
  • No geolocation
  • Incoming call routing
November - December, 2017
  • Internal fund transfers between subscribers accounts balance replenishment and fund transfer from one ID to another.
  • Crypto-currency wallet payment is performed in crypto-currency, which provides anonymity of financial transactions. For the first time, crypto-currency provides real anonymous access to the service.
  • iOS app
  • Android app is about to be released
  • Messengers - VIBER
Q1 - 2018
Virtual Telecommunication Service (VTS) :
  • Decentralized call management system development
  • Increase of SMS gateways number arrangement of a callback without the Internet
  • Increase of direct numbers pool up to 100 countries.
Q2 - 2018
Decentralized virtual cellular service provider
  • Free number and unlimited communication within the network. Each subscriber will have free internal number for the network. (Free online communication with each other or in a group).
  • Call monitoring creating a unique number for each advertising resource. You can download the statistics and monitor the progress in your personal account.
  • IVR (interactive voice response)creating pre-recorded instructions for incoming calls or advertisements for outgoing calls thereby optimizing the process of cold calls.
  • Call schedulingarrangement of a call at a specific date and time, selecting users for connection. Arranging a scheduled \\\"False\\\" call to a callback.plus user. (Selecting who will call to whom and from which number)
  • Conversation recording the stored data can only be decrypted by the owner using the blockchain technology from the callback.plus
  • Sending sms with a changed number

Learn more about CALLBACK +!

Short version

Full version

  • English
  • Русский
  • Español
  • 한국
  • 日本

Already on your phone
or computer

Callback + is a system wherein you
do not have to wait for the release. It already works.

We offer you ready working product where your investments already work and give you real communication opportunities.

What is Callback+ ?

Decentralized cross-platform virtual service for making calls
which reduces cost of the call from one part of the world to another by 95%*.

Make cheap calls around the world!

Callback + will help you save money on phone conversations with relatives or business partners.
Its easy to use Callback+!

1. Register in the system by entering your phone number

2. Enter the phone number you want to connect with.

Advanced Callback + functionality

Advanced functions are available only for ICO CBP users! Number of users is limited!

Callback+ service provides multilevel privacy and removes necessity in being pegged to a particular mobile device.

Main service options :

  • Change of telephone number
  • Опция "Кто звонил?"
  • Change of background sound (location simulation)
  • Virtual switching centre
  • Call scheduling
  • Permanent number renting
  • Encrypted calls

Investor\\\'s wallet

Callback+ service allows you to make purchases in different crypto-currencies, with online exchange by CBP tokens or fiat money.

  • Account belongs to you
  • Already now you can perform internal transfers between subscribers accounts in any crypto-currency. During the ICO, withdrawal of funds will be available only after 90 days.
callback+ features
  • Cheap calls
    abroad and back
    Cheap local calls in the host country.
  • No need for internet br/>to call
    To make a call, you need any mobile phone and cellular communication
  • Change of
    outgoing number
    The person you are talking to will see the number you want!
  • Changing
    Changing tone of voice in on-line mode. Allows changing any voice beyond recognition.
  • An unknown
    number called?
    We will find all information about the one who called from the Internet.
  • Scheduler
    of important calls
    Just enter the date, time and phone number you want to contact.
  • Switching Centre
    Service of connecting two external users to each other.
  • Direct dial number
    anywhere in the world
    Possibility of renting direct dial numbers in different countries of the world
  • Background sound
    Overlay of sound background for location simulation (airport, bar, subway, etc.)
  • Кроcсплатформенная
    You can even arrange a call
    by corded phone.
  • Encrypted calls
    2048bit encryption of your calls. Криптовалютный
  • Криптовалютный
    Conversion of popular cryptocurrency at a favorable rate

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Aleksey Rudakov Back-end developer experienced in high load service development.
Elena Kuznetsova Сommunity manager
Dmitry Kashuba UX/UI designer and front-end developer


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